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Each book in the Greek myth series centers around a myth - both literally and figuratively. The main character, Hannah Summers, is a young woman just graduating from college, whose life becomes entangled with the Greek gods. The Greek gods are around, because they are immortal, but because no one worships them, they have to make their way in the ordinary world.

So, while the series draws on the Greek Pantheon, the setting is our world, and you do not need to have prior knowledge of the gods to enjoy the stories. And as our heroine learns, a graduation gift from the Gods is both a blessing and a curse...


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April 2015

Book 1 in the Greek Myth Series
ISBN 978-0-9909793-2-6

A week away from graduating and all Hannah Summers has to do is make it across campus in high heels without falling over, turn in her senior thesis, and meet Carl, her very nice boyfriend, for dinner with his rather awful parents. A straightforward plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately for her, quite a bit. The Greek gods she’d studied in school are about to put a major wrinkle in her carefully crafted future. Though the Olympians are no longer worshiped, they are immortal and need to make their way in the modern world. Apollo, god of the Sun, meets a publicist who convinces him that the time is ripe for a comeback, complete with a marketing strategy for re-branding himself. All he needs is a descendant of Cassandra’s.

Much like her ancestor, Cassandra, Hannah’s life is about to veer way off course, and the events that follow will challenge her ingenuity, her relationships, and possibly her life…..  


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April 2016

Book 2 in the Greek Myth Series
ISBN 978-0990979333

Hannah’s life is right on course. Her job might appear to be a dusty exercise in tending antique texts, but it has secret parameters that would blow the mind of the average student at Whitfield University.  And she has saved enough money to go on her very first trip out of the country, with her new friend, Gretchen. They scoured the internet for travel bargains and had pulled together a week-long cruise of the Grecian Isles. Sure, the cruise line was in chapter eleven and had advised them to bring their own drinking water, and yes, their airline was literally called “Fly By Night Air” with an address adjacent to Bradley Airport, but it was certain to be epic. 

Except that her neighbor, John MacCallister, who has spent the last three months avoiding her even though she had thought they were friends, shows up just as she is closing the library with the news that Hermes and Lee are waiting for her back at the house. The Greek gods are in town and Hera is calling in her favor.


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Coming in Winter of 2022

This is the third book in the Greek Myth Series.

The adventure continues for Hannah...though if this is an adventure, she wants her money back. Doing grunt work for the Immortal Council, working as an unpaid intern, and having no idea what to do with her life is more like the fate of Sisyphus than she had hoped for at the start of the fall.

Add to that boyfriend troubles, thinly veiled dissapointed texts from her mother, and the ever present danger of an obsessed sociopathic demon and something has to change.

Did someone say Road Trip?

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