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I've convinced myself to stop just "liking" posts...except for yours, of course...;-)

Nope. Not going to do it. I had written a thousand word blog post about something that happened to me on Facebook and my critical assessment of what happened and why and I came comically close to hitting "publish" before I remembered the principle of SMB (Social Media Boomerang). If you need examples of this, watch any of the late night comics talk about someone who questions social media and the immediate and scathing blowback that comes from that.

So instead, maybe I should write about pets. I do have two amazing dogs and a cat... but who doesn't?

Or, I could share a funny story about my most recent parenting fail...involving a stupid argument that I let become an epic grudge match over almost nothing...but then I'd violate the privacy of family members, so no laughing at me about this...

Instead, I am going to start a pointless pop-culture conspiracy theory that John Mulaney is conducting an exploratory campaign to run for....wait for it....a new Broadway show! Crazy, right? What is my proof? In this last week he went on Conan- which I know about because the interview popped up in my youtube "recommendations" - in part because I was recently obsessed with Conan's "Jordan Schlansky" bit, and we had rewatched Mulaney's special Kid Gorgeous, convincing YouTube's AI that we'd eat up any new Conan/Mulaney bites. And it was right! I watched Conan spend a lot of time being salty with Mulaney about his career, but then went out of his way to ask him about his recent SNL hosting gig where he did a Musical Number- spoofing popular musicals- about using a bodega bathroom in NY. Mulaney hinted that there were other possible numbers.

Not enough? I turned on the radio in my car, and Mulaney was talking with Terry Gross on NPR, and she asked him the exact question Conan had asked about the bodega bit, played the same clip, and Mulaney talked about the same stuff. Why all the media, John? Are you testing the waters to get some producer to foot the bill? That's what I think is happening, and frankly, I am not on board. My basic feelings is that those two pieces were less entertaining to watch then to listen to how they entertained you to create. But I am probably in the minority. And if he does it, I will probably watch, because I take any opportunity to laugh, and he is a reliable source of humor.

Oh, and if you want to know what my original blog post was about, feel free to message me in the comments and I would be happy to send it to you...let's just use a code to be on the safe side. Make your comment, "I'd love to learn more about your thoughts about John Mulaney..." and I'll know what you mean. We can't be too careful when it comes to our beloved Facebook Overlords...

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