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A Blogging Question: Why do I write this? What do I say? [Who would want to read that?]

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

It occurs to me as I violently reject every thought that I want to share through the gauntlet of topics I have voluntarily taken off the table (out of respect for the privacy of my family) and add to that topics I think are cop-outs ( do you really need another point of view about the Game of Thrones finale) and I have been sitting here wondering what the point of writing this is, when the meta-question occurs to me- maybe that is what I should write about: the ways in which we self-edit, whether out of respect, fear, or ego (no one wants to be redundant). But that just feels like another way to avoid saying something. So why do I want to avoid saying something while I am actively asking you to listen to me?

The honest answer is that I am trapped into feeling like I should be doing this- writing this blog- because if I want to ask people to read my books, I have to build an online community or relationship...but this is one weird relationship. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an external processor with an overly large category of topics I want to share: mostly the things that entertain me- with only a slight regard for whether they will entertain my in theory this should not be difficult to write. [side story here: My daughter and I have been bonding over watching Tiny House Hunters, and after seeing someone try to sleep in a 9inch space with no windows they call a "sleeping loft" she piped up with , "they should really call that a Loffin- a loft/coffin". So great.]

But I am also a Capricorn, which I was told by my college roommate meant that I was overly concerned with rules and structure, etiquette - and so I worry that if I write want I want, you will be left wondering why I would think anyone would want to read about that. [side note: maybe my college roommate wasn't into astrology but was trying to get me to back off on keeping our room clean?] Regardless, the Capricorn stuff tracked for me, especially when it comes to "being an imposition." [another side note here: I think that it would be both a little sad and a lot funny if on my tombstone it said: Here Lies Laura: She was Understood and Never Imposed. It would definitely make my family laugh whenever they visited, which would be worth it.] I have a physical aversion to being an imposition. [this doesn't mean I haven't been unknowingly an imposition- I probably have- but I don't like to knowingly impose on others.] I have always felt like it was impolite for me to share my real thoughts with anyone who hadn't already signed up for the complete package.

So we are back to the conundrum of ME writing a BLOG. It is impolite to waste your time with stories that aren't honest or personal, to some degree. I'm not blogging about being expert at anything. I am blogging to tell stories that hopefully entertain and at best might resonate. On the other hand, I don't know you,( or maybe I do- which makes me a little nervous) and I don't want to impose my convoluted brain on you. But I do want you to read my stories, if you think you might like them....because stories are so important.

Oh no! I have found my way back, so to speak, to a topic I had vowed not to discuss- the Game of Thrones Finale! See, as badly written and plotted as I feel the final season was, I totally agreed with Tyrion when he said that the most powerful things we have are the stories we tell. [I take exception with the idea that Bran's story is the most inspiring...the only relatable thing about the Night King was his inexplicable desire to kill Bran] I love stories. So, if you have made your way through this blog post, and you think you would like to read stories each week from me, then read more. I will be assuming that we are friends, you have been warned, and your time is fair game.

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